The internet connection at my home is very slow. It takes forever to buffer and upload videos, which are a major reason I use the internet so frequently. I’m also a heavy user of streaming video, which uses up even more bandwidth. With that said I decided I needed a new internet connection, and it was only a matter of time before my subscription fee went up again.

I already knew I wanted to get rid of my broadband connection once and for all. I recently saw what Amazon has done with their video service, and it was very encouraging to know I could bypass any problematic connection problems I have. I also had some free time, so I thought I might try out the Iptv Firestick. I live in Florida, so I went with broadband because I don’t plan to move or do business overseas. For those that live in other areas, here’s how I got broadband without spending a lot of money on a high-speed connection.

First I installed the software. I figured I could just open it up and follow the simple instructions. No problem. The first thing I did was sign up for an Iptv account. I chose the name of my username, but didn’t enter a password. That was okay, as I had already done that when I signed up for the Firestick.

I checked the speed of the connection, and it was about 2mbps. That was fast enough. After that I activated the internet connection by connecting it to a USB modem. I tested the broadband connection to see if I could upload video for redditors.

The video starts streaming pretty quickly. But there’s a problem. The quality just isn’t very good. It’s not clear and doesn’t have as much contrast as the better quality videos I get from my DVR box.

I turned the quality down to normal. That made the video a little smoother. After that I was able to upload two short videos, one of a political rally and another a picture of Obama with his dog. Both looked great. When I downloaded the third video, the error said it was a video file error, so I wasn’t too surprised.

After that the connection seemed to be working fine. So I tested the web-cam version of the video to see how it looked. Again, it worked perfectly. Now all that’s left is to test whether I can upload a real time video to the internet using my smartphone.

I got a call from my friend the other day, asking what connection speed I’m on. I replied with “I’m on satellite Internet.” My friend was impressed and assured me that he could still watch the news, podcasts, and talk to his friends while I use this service. I’m planning on trying that out soon. I am also interested in how well I’ll get along with the internet connection speed, because at this point I’m already getting a fair share of traffic.

I recorded the video on my smartphone, since I have a separate data card for that. Since there is no local server that I can use, all files are actually stored on the iPhone’s own device. That’s okay for most people, but if you’re going to record something like a news clip, you might need a local server. Luckily, the video didn’t load properly on my iPhone, but I’m willing to send it to YouTube to try to fix that issue. In the mean time, I will continue using AT&T U-verse.

If I am busy with other things, such as writing articles, reading emails, and streaming videos, then the U-verse connection speed is not an issue for me. On the other hand, I don’t have to deal with the buffering problem that other people seem to be having with the satellite TV. The connection is good, and I do not get any lag time when streaming live videos. With HDTV’s it can take several seconds for them to buffer.

I am pleased with the U-verse connection speed and the sound quality. When I listen to music on my iPhone, the sound is clear and loud. There is no distortion on AT&T U-verse, which was a concern for me. I also like the apps that I can download to take care of my basic tasks. Even though I have been a loyal AT&T customer for years, I really enjoy the deals that they offer most of the time, such as free DVR upgrades.

I hope this article helps you decide if U-verse is right for you. If you are looking for the best value, check out our comparison table that compares the cost of AT&T U-verse with other high-speed providers. For immediate savings, go to our site and sign up for an account today. Then create a list of all the channels that you want, along with their available HD quality options. We’ll let you in on the secrets to a great AT&T U-verse connection speed.